On Wednesday the12th of February the theatre company "Theatre 4 Us" came to Pompeu Fabra to perform a play in English for P4, P5 and cicle inicial. It was a very funny version of  Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

The children enjoyed the play a lot. It was a comedy and musical play with great humour and songs.

In the English classes before the play they had seen and acted out the traditional story  and learnt the vocabulary. They were very happy and participated enthusiastically during the theatre.

In this version of Goldilocks the children also learnt to recycle as Goldilocks collected plastic from the forest.

Thank you baby bear!

 Some of the children even went on stage to be explorers!

Who wants to be an explorer?

They learnt the colours for recycling.

Great scenary and acting!

Through theatre children  not only learn languages but also to be explorers of their emotions and ideologies.

We are looking forward to repeating this theatrical activity  and to encourage use of stories, role play and drama in the English classes.

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